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The Ugly Truth About Tesla

That no one wants you to know

Customer Horror Stories of Terrible Tesla Quality! More to come soon.

Tesla tries to hide its poor build quality, but in fact it is the worst made car in a century! Tesla customers are being handed down lemons, and they cannot do anything about it as they also hold Tesla shares!
    Read Darryl's story below on how his car was in service for 177 days in its first year, and how bitterly he and other owners had to fight to force Tesla to take back their $150K lemons.
Model S still suffers from poor quality after 4 years of full production. Tesla sells super expensive lemons to rich libtards to enrich Elon Musk and his family.

Worst built car ever (my model X)
Debaser was a Tesla fan until..
Battery smoking X after body work, what to do?
Read Darryl's story on Signature Model X

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