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The Ugly Truth About Tesla

That no one wants you to know

Is Elon Musk Guilty of Autopilot Deaths? See these videos and decide for yourself.

Elon Musk has blatantly promoted his half baked autopilot system as a self-driving car to book a few more sales, to satisfy the wall street cronies and boost his own net wealth. But he may have crossed the line. See below how people were falsely led to believe that Tesla was selling them a self driving car. As recently as January 2017, Tesla kept showing off its staged video of self-driving car on its website.
    Tesla prematurely deployed its incomplete and inept Autopilot, with a misleading name, on our public roads. Besides using its own customers as beta testers, it also endangered innocent public in this dangerous pursuit. Imagine if Jushua Brown crashed into a school bus full of children.
    After the fatal crash in Florida, Tesla sneaked in restrictions to its Autopilot software, and NHTSA quietly hushed the matter, declaring the Tesla emergency braking working (or not working) as expected. Well, Tesla promoted the system as self-driving car, not just a safety braking system. I will let you be the judge.

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